Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Blog Post!

So I finally gave in and got a blog; now to write some entries and really get started! On this blog you will find makeup tips and tricks, featured sellers from a site I share with all kinds of lovely artisans called Etsy., and of course sharing some mineral makeup from Goddess Minerals, my very own mineral makeup shop!

I thought I would start off my blog by offering some great tips for makeup and skincare; enjoy!

  • Make sure your blush is well blended into your foundation or it will look unnatural and add five years to your look. Yikes!
  • Go to a beauty supply store and purchase disposable mascara wands (sometimes called 'spoolies'). Apply your mascara as usual and then use one of the disposable wands to run through your lashes to volumize and separate.
  • Never shake your nail polish bottles before application as this causes bubbles in the polish itself that can be transferred to your nails and give a textured, uneven look. Instead of shaking it, roll the bottle in between your hands for an even mix.
  • If you wet eyeshadow to use as a liner, do not close the lid for a day. Let it air out and dry properly or bacteria will grow.
  • Foundation or cover up (even bronzer!) does not end at the jawline. Blend into your neck so there is no defining line.

Those are my tips and tricks for makeup for now; check in for more coming!

Also, I want to know; what is your favorite makeup product or item? Why?


  1. WOW! Great tips...I had no idea about the nail polish! That's the exact problem I have! Thank you! My favorite make up item is lightly tinted moisturizer. Perfect for everyday wear.

  2. Yowza! Great blog and very useful tips. I'll have to get some of those "spoilers."

  3. Wow, what helpful info! My favourite product is mascara... I put it on so much it's just part of my DNA now!

  4. Its very helpful tips for teen girl and women. I am also working on superbeautytips blog. So i think this tips will be very helpful to me.